All your events, right on the desktop.

Seamless Calendar Integration

Mindful works seamlessly with Calendar to display your calendar items right on the desktop. Choose which calendars you want to show so your desktop itself becomes a customized and streamlined productivity tool!

  • Automatically updates whenever you add new events to your calendars
  • Matches custom calendar colors
  • Shows only what you want to see

Right Where You Need It

Mindful works by displaying your calendar events right on the desktop. Nestled between your icons and your desktop image, Mindful is out of the way, yet always there when you need it. If you want to change Mindful’s settings or the size and position of the window, just click on the Mindful icon in the menubar, and it pops up where you can get to it! Mindful’s settings let you change the color and opacity of the display so that whatever desktop image you use, Mindful will always be visible.

All Week Long

Mindful is there to get out of the way. If you only need to see what you’re doing today, Mindful can just show you today’s events. If you like the longer view, Mindful can display not only today, but up to six more days in advance. Never get caught off-guard again! Mindful also includes other customizable features so that it can serve you just as you need it!

  • 12-hour or 24-hour clock
  • Never up before 10:00? Start Mindful’s day at 10:00 or whatever hour you choose!
  • Always to bed by 9:00? End Mindful’s day whenever you like


If you have questions or need help with Mindful, email me here!